Amagasaki Youngest Female Mayor

Kazumi Inamura youngest female mayorFormer prefectural assembly member Kazumi Inamura has won the mayoral race here to become the country's youngest female mayor in history.

Inamura, 38 years old, will take over the leadership from incumbent Mayor Aya Shirai, 50, who was first elected as the mayor of Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, at the age of 42 in 2002. It will be the first time for a country's city government to have two female mayors in a row.

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Akiba Duty - Free Shops

Akiba duty-free shops Electronics retailers in Tokyo's Akihabara district, popularly known as "Akiba" are looking to tap into new sales avenues by opening duty-free shops to attract foreign customers with cash to burn.

The effort by the Tokyo area known as a "holy land" for techies and anime fans comes amid intensified competition from high-volume retailers in the suburbs.

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First Death Penalty For Minor

First death penalty for minor A 19-year-old youth charged with murdering two women, including his former girlfriend, in February has become the first minor to face the death penalty in a lay judge trial in Japan.

Prosecutors demanded the death penalty for the youth from the Miyagi Prefecture city of Ishinomaki, whose name is being withheld under the Juvenile Law, during a hearing at the Sendai District Court on Nov. 19.

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Justice Minister Under Presure

Japan justice minister under presureJustice Minister Minoru Yanagida came under growing pressure Friday to quit over his recent remarks widely seen as disrespectful of Diet deliberations.

But Prime Minister Naoto Kan continued to stand firm in defense of Yanagida, although the Liberal Democratic Party decided to submit a censure motion against the minister to the upper house of parliament next Monday as he shows no intention of resigning.

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Peach The Chihuahua Police Dog

Peach the Chihuahua police dog A Japanese police department accepted a chihuahua as a member of its disaster rescue squad, where it will serve alongside retrievers and German shepherds.

The brown-and-white Peach was one of 32 successful candidates out of 70 dogs, passing a search and rescue test by finding a person in five minutes after merely sniffing their cap.

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Npa Surveys Internet Drug Trades

NPA surveys Internet drug tradesOne hundred and eighty people were investigated by police from January to June on suspicion of buying stimulant drugs, marijuana or other banned substances via the Internet, the National Police Agency said Friday.

About 70 percent had no previous arrests or criminal convictions.

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Nhk Could Review Its Fee System

NHK could reconsider its fee systemFacing a changing television environment , NHK launched a review of its viewing fee system last month through an expert panel.

The panel, an advisory body to NHK President Shigeo Fukuchi, comprises eight specialists, including experts on law and economics. It will make recommendations on any necessary changes to the viewing fee system when TV broadcasts are fully digitized next July.

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Japan Will Buy 10 P1 Patrol Planes

Kawasaki P1 patrol planeTo strengthen security in Japan's territorial waters, the Ministry of Defense will buy 10 new Kawasaki patrol planes within five years to monitor submarines and suspicious boats.

The ministry will include this purchase in the "midterm defense buildup plan" to be adopted by the government in December. The ministry estimates that it will cost approximately 200 billion yen to buy the aircraft.

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No 2 Gangster Of Japan Arrested

No 2 Gangster of Japan arrestedA gangster ranked second-in-command to the imprisoned boss of Japan’s largest crime syndicate, the Yamaguchi-gumi, was arrested Thursday for allegedly extorting some 40 million yen from a man in Kyoto from the end of 2005 to 2006, Kyoto prefectural police said.

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Kan Considers More Farmers Money

Kan considers more farmers moneyPrime Minister Naoto Kan said Tuesday he is considering increasing spending to cushion the agricultural sector from the impact of free-trade deals down the road.

"I will consider necessary fiscal measures and sources of such money" for the sector, Kan told a plenary session of the Lower House, referring to his administration's recent decision to further liberalize trade with the rest of the world.

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Japan's Increasing Anxiety

Japan's increasing anxietyIn Japan, anxiety over a lost decade has given way to fear that economic growth is never coming back. Japanese pundits warn that the country has “lost its animal spirits.”

Two decades ago, Japan’s gross government debt stood at 63 percent of the country’s G.D.P. Today, it’s at nearly 200 percent. Consumer prices have fallen in 9 of the past 20 years, depressing production.

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Cpa Exam Passed By A 16 Y Old

CPA ExamA 16-year-old passed the CPA exam for certified public accountants this year, becoming the youngest person ever to qualify, the examiners' board said Monday.

There is no age limit for taking the exam. Up to this point, the youngest successful applicant had been an 18-year-old.

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Tax Reform Needs Vision

Tax reform needs visionThe government and the Democratic Party of Japan have started discussions on tax reform for fiscal 2011 and beyond. 

Iin September 2009 , discussions at the government's Tax Commission did not go smoothly. The government and the DPJ need to present a clear vision of the future form of the nation's tax system.

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Jal Could Fire 250 Employees

JAL could fire 250 employeesJapan Airlines said it will terminate the contracts of up to 250 pilots and cabin attendants after its voluntary retirement programs failed to achieve the company's job reduction goal.

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