Unique Ideas Standing Out In Vending Machine Industry

Unique ideas standing out in vending machine industryVending machines play a higher-profile economic and social role in Japan than in most other countries. New types of vending machines are appearing all the time, with some of the newest including mini convenience stores, personal seal dispensers and disaster-ready machines.
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Families Of Jal Crash Victims Commemorate 30 - Year Anniversary

Families of JAL crash victims commemorate 30-year anniversaryBereaved families floated lanterns on a river here on Aug. 11 to honor those who died in a Japan Airlines (JAL) jumbo jet crash 30 years ago.
Bamboo lanterns with the writing "30 years" were lit on the banks of the Kanna River at the foot of Mount Osutaka, where the plane crashed on Aug. 12, 1985, killing 520 people.
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A Wartime Trip Down Memory Lane For An American Tracing His Roots

A wartime trip down memory lane for an American tracing his rootsRalph Neal, the nephew of a U.S. airman shot down over Japan in World War II, visited a memorial here Aug. 4 near the crash site where his uncle's plane went down.
For Neal, 58, who shares the same name as the relative he never met, it was an emotional occasion. His uncle survived the crash, was taken to Hiroshima and died as a result of the atomic bombing that occurred days later.
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Record Number Of Japanese Households On Welfare

Record number of Japanese households on welfareJapanese government officials say a record number of households are on welfare due to an increase in elderly people who need support.
Welfare ministry officials said the total number of households that received assistance in May stood at more than 1.6 million. That's up about 1,600 from the previous month.
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Japanese Battleship Flag Set To Return Home

Japanese battleship flag set to return homeA naval flag thought to belong to the Japanese battleship, the Mikasa is returning home, 70 years after it was apparently taken as a souvenir by a US marine.
NHK has learned that the naval ensign was discovered in Arizona. A 92-year-old veteran was keeping the flag, and is now offering to return it.
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