Landmark Temple In Tokyo Hires Business - Minded Monk To Gain Followers

Landmark temple in Tokyo hires business-minded monk to gain followersEven the renowned Tsukiji Hongwanji Buddhist temple in Tokyo needed some spiritual advice in these tough times, so it turned to a former business consultant for help.
The appointment of Yugen Yasunaga, now a monk, as head of the temple’s administrative office has been described as “unusual” in religious circles.
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Pioneer Peace Scholar Calls For An 'umbrella' Of Peace

Pioneer peace scholar calls for an 'umbrella' of peaceA pioneering peace scholar has criticized Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's policy of "proactive pacifism," saying it butchers the Japanese Constitution's war-renouncing Article 9.
Johan Galtung, 84, also worries that the exercise of the right to collective self-defense will destabilize Japan and subject it to possible counterattacks.
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Photo : History Blooms In Kyoto Prefecture

Photo : History blooms in Kyoto PrefectureBuckwheat flowers are seen in full bloom near traditional thatched houses in Nantan, Kyoto Prefecture. The area, called "Kayabuki no sato" (village of thatched-roof houses), is designated by the national government as an important preservation district for historical buildings.
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Japan Opens New Immigration Intelligence Center

Japan opens new immigration intelligence centerJapan's Justice Ministry has opened a new intelligence center for collecting and analyzing information on foreign visitors to identify terrorists.
The center is one way the ministry is preparing for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo.
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World Cosplay Summit 2016 Set For Nagoya

World Cosplay Summit 2016 set for NagoyaCosplayers will be able to strut their stuff on the big stage when the World Cosplay Summit 2016 gets under way in Nagoya from July 30 to Aug. 7, 2016.
The event has been held mainly in Aichi Prefecture since its inception in 2003.
Attracting cosplayers from around the world, the WCS offers a wide range of programs, including the World Cosplay Championship, parades and talks.
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High Schoolers Translate Book On Massacre Of Koreans After Great Kanto Earthquake

High schoolers translate book on massacre of Koreans after Great Kanto EarthquakeA Korean high school student was so moved by a book written by a Japanese author on the massacre of ethnic Koreans after the Great Kanto Earthquake that she enlisted classmates and translated it.
Ok Jae-won, 17, and a handful of her friends at Tokyo Korean School said they wanted to study history and also try to improve relations between South Korea and Japan.
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Japan's Sports Agency Inaugurated 2015

Japan's sports agency inaugurated 2015Japan's government has inaugurated a new agency dedicated to promoting sport-related policies. Olympic swimming champion Daichi Suzuki is the agency's head.
The Japan Sports Agency was launched on Thursday as an external bureau of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. It has a staff of around 120.
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More Than 200 Homes Damaged By Typhoon

More than 200 homes damaged by typhoonRecord-breaking winds on Okinawa's Yonaguni Island have destroyed at least 10 houses and damaged more than 200 others.
Gusts of nearly 292 kilometers per hour were registered on Yonaguni as Typhoon Dujuan approached on Monday. The winds were the strongest on the island since record-taking began nearly 60 years ago.
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‘castle Grandma’ Publishes Her Folk - Art Picture Letters

‘Castle Grandma’ publishes her folk-art picture lettersShe's an artist simply and affectionately known as the "Castle Grandma."
Hiroko Sogo's folk art is called "etegami" (picture letters), which combines simple images and thoughtful words on paper or postcards.
The 79-year-old's long-standing theme is Marugame Castle, which stands in her hometown on the island of Shikoku.
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