A - Bomb Survivors Protest Scrapping Of Inf

A-bomb survivors protest scrapping of INF

Demonstrators, including atomic bomb survivors, staged a sit-in on Saturday at the Nagasaki Peace Park. They protested plans by the United States and Russia to scrap a nuclear arms control pact.

The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty between the US and the former Soviet Union in 1987 helped shape nuclear disarmament talks.

But the US told Russia earlier this month it would pull out of the treaty. Since Russia has also expressed its intention to withdraw, the agreement is expected to expire in 6 months.

About 80 demonstrators gathered for an hour next to the Peace Statue in the drizzle.

Atomic bomb survivors said the world is once again vulnerable to the dangers of nuclear arms. They said they must not give up and continue to raise their voices in protest.

The participants said they have decided to send letters expressing their deep anger to the embassies of the two countries.

The protesters say they are driven by the hope of making Nagasaki the last city to suffer from an atomic bomb, and strongly urge the two countries to make efforts toward nuclear disarmament.

One of the demonstrators said that if the US thinks Russia is violating the treaty, it should resolve the issue through discussion rather than by abandoning the agreement itself.

Demonstrators gather at the Nagasaki Peace Park on the 9th of every month to remember the August 9th, 1945 bombing, and repeat their call for the abolition of nuclear weapons.