Abe Explains Cabinet Reshuffle

Abe explains Cabinet reshuffle

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has described his reshuffled Cabinet as one in which everyone can work together like a baseball team.

Abe began his post-reshuffle news conference on Tuesday evening by offering condolences to those affected by the typhoon that recently hit Japan.

He said he will order at the first meeting of the reshuffled Cabinet the compilation of a supplementary budget for the current fiscal year to speed up reconstruction efforts.

Abe explained that he set up a new Cabinet post in charge of social security reform because the biggest challenge Japan now faces is aging and the declining birthrate.

He said he will ask Economic Revitalization Minister Toshimitsu Motegi, who will take up the new post while retaining his current one, to begin studying employment system reform to ensure lifetime jobs in an age where people live to 100.

Abe likened his reshuffled Cabinet to a baseball team in which every player has brushed up their skills in their individual positions. He said he has brought them together to create a work-oriented Cabinet.

Abe expressed hope that the 12 first-time Cabinet members will make the best of their experience and expertise and help make Japan proud and full of hope beyond the Heisei era.