Abe Holds Bilateral Talks With Trump

Abe holds bilateral talks with Trump

World leaders are gathering in Osaka for the two-day G20 summit. Besides the formal sessions, bilateral talks between key leaders on the sidelines are also generating a lot of attention. One of them was Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's meeting with US President Donald Trump.

At the onset of the talks, Abe said, "I'd like to welcome President Trump to Osaka. This visit for G20 follows my visit to the United States in April, and the President's visit to Japan as a state guest in May. Such frequent mutual visit by the leaders of the two countries in such a short span of time is the evidence of how robust Japan-US alliance is. I'd like to express my gratitude once again last month, as the first state guest to Japan in the new era of Reiwa.

As the G20 Osaka summit starts today, we'd like to send out a strong message through our contribution to solving the challenges facing the international community, such as the sustainable growth of the world economy. Without the cooperation of Japan and the United States, we cannot achieve this purpose."

Trump said, "I know we're going to have a very successful day, we're going to be talking about many things, we're going to be talking a lot about trade."

Abe wanted to confirm the two sides will accelerate ongoing bilateral trade talks in a way that will benefit both sides.

The two leaders were also expected to discuss Abe's recent trip to Iran amid mounting tensions between Tehran and Washington.

Abe and Trump may have also exchanged opinions on a longstanding security treaty between the two countries. Just before heading to the G20, Trump complained it was one-sided.

This was the two leaders' third meeting in as many months. Abe travelled to Washington in April, and Trump was in Tokyo last month for a state visit.

Observers say it's unprecedented for the leaders of the two countries to meet so frequently.