Abe Lays Out Post - Election Agenda

Abe lays out post-election agenda

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the results of Sunday's Upper House election show that the people of Japan want political stability. In a news conference, he stressed his commitment to pursuing his political and diplomatic agenda including possibly amending the Constitution.

Abe said, "The ruling coalition gained 71 seats, well over a majority of the contested seats. The voters sent us a strong message to build the nation in the new Reiwa era on the solid political base."

The coalition and lawmakers in favor of amending the Constitution fell short of maintaining a key threshold. They will not hold a two-thirds majority in the chamber. That level of support is needed in both houses to put a constitutional amendment proposal to a national referendum.

Abe's Liberal Democratic Party is proposing amendment in four areas including adding a reference to Japan's Self-Defense Forces in the Constitution. Article 9 renounces war, and prohibits Japan from maintaining a military.