Abe Offers Johnson New Economic Partnership

Abe offers Johnson new economic partnership

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has promised British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to work to build a new economic partnership between the two countries after Britain leaves the EU.

In an approximately 20-minute telephone conversation on Saturday, Abe congratulated Johnson for his ruling Conservative Party's landslide victory in the general election earlier this month.

He said his government will continue to work with Britain to strengthen the bilateral relationship.

Johnson said he wants to further deepen the relationship in various aspects, including security and trade.

Abe expressed hopes that Britain leaves the EU in a manner that will have minimum impact on Japanese companies' activities and the world economy, and also that Britain's negotiations with the EU after Brexit will go smoothly.

Johnson said he will aim for a quick and smooth exit from the EU.

The two leaders confirmed that they will quickly work to build a new economic partnership after Britain leaves the EU at the end of next month.

Abe also reiterated that he will support Britain's joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership.