Abe Pledges $12.4 Mil. In Aid To Jordan

Abe pledges $12.4 mil. in aid to Jordan

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said his country will provide aid in the amount of 1.4 billion yen, or about 12.4 million dollars, to Jordan.

Abe made the pledge on Friday in Tokyo during a meeting with Jordanian Prime Minister Hani Mulki. Jordan has been accepting Syrian refugees who have fled from their war-torn country. The aid is aimed at helping improve Jordan's water infrastructure.

Abe said he respects Jordan for accepting 1.3 million refugees and making an all-out effort to fight against terrorism and violent extremism.

Mulki said he hopes to strengthen the strategic partnerships Jordan has with Japan in every field.

The 2 leaders also talked about a Japan-led project to bring peace to the Middle East, called "the Corridor for Peace and Prosperity." The economic initiative is aimed at enabling Israel and Palestine to co-exist and prosper.

The leaders confirmed that Japan and Jordan will work together to foster a relationship between Israel and Palestine that is based on mutual trust.