Abe Reelected As Ldp President

Abe reelected as LDP President

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been reelected as leader of the main ruling Liberal Democratic Party. The vote puts him on track to become the country's longest serving prime minister.

With 810 votes up for grabs, Abe took 553, while LDP veteran lawmaker, Shigeru Ishiba, gained 254.

After the result, Abe spoke to LDP lawmakers. He said, "While addressing all the issues of the post-war era, I will solidify peace and stability in this country. Furthermore, I'm resolved to work hard towards amending the Constitution. I also want to take on the challenge of creating a new Japan. Getting together with like-minded people, I will do my best to pass on to future generations a country filled with hope and pride."

Abe gained the backing of over 80 percent of LDP lawmakers and about 55 percent of non-lawmaker party members across Japan.

Ishiba put up a good fight, securing about 45 percent of the rank-and-file members. He campaigned on restoring public trust in politics, referring to cronyism scandals that have dogged Abe.