Abe: S.korea Should Keep Its Promises

Abe: S.Korea should keep its promises

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has called on South Korea to keep its promises, including a post-World War Two bilateral agreement.

Abe made the comment on Friday, following South Korea's announcement of its decision to terminate an intelligence-sharing pact between the two countries.

Abe said that South Korea unilaterally carried out actions that run counter to a 1965 agreement that settled the right to seek compensation for wartime labor.

He said it is regrettable that South Korea's actions have damaged the trust between the two countries.

The prime minister said Japan has always avoided causing an adverse influence on the trilateral cooperation with the United States and South Korea regarding the current security issues in northeast Asia.

He said that Japan will ensure its safety and the region's peace and stability by working with the US.

Abe stressed that Japan will continue its requests for South Korea to work to restore bilateral trust.