Abe To Explain Cherry Party At Diet If Asked

Abe to explain cherry party at Diet if asked

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says he will explain at the Diet his alleged use of taxpayers' money on a cherry blossom party for his constituents.

Abe told reporters on Friday that if the Diet asks for an explanation, the government will naturally comply.

The government invites people who've made outstanding achievements in various fields to the annual party hosted by the prime minister.

But a Cabinet Office official told the opposition bloc that some of the guests at this year's party were recommended by Abe's private office.

Another focus of attention is a dinner Abe's support group held at a Tokyo hotel the night before the party. Participants paid about 46 dollars to attend.

The political fund control law requires political groups to include in political fund reports events for which participants pay fees. The dinner was not mentioned in the report by Abe's support group.

Abe said he understands that his office is handling the matter appropriately, as he told the Diet.