Abe: Trump May Meet Megumi's Parents

Abe: Trump may meet Megumi's parents

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says the government is arranging a meeting between US President Donald Trump and the parents of Megumi Yokota, who was abducted by North Korean agents 40 years ago.

Abe disclosed the plan during a speech on Thursday in Niigata Prefecture, where Megumi and her family were living at the time of abduction.

Abe said he requested Trump last month to meet the parents and relatives of other abduction victims when the US president visits Japan in November.

He said Trump accepted his proposal.

Trump referred to Megumi when he criticized North Korea during his first speech at the UN General Assembly.

Shigeru and Sakie Yokota met President Barack Obama when he visited Japan in 2014. Sakie, the mother, also met President George W Bush when she was visiting the US in 2006 together with some relatives of other victims.