Abe, Trump Present Unity On North Korea

Abe, Trump present unity on North Korea

The leaders of Japan and the United States are trying to present a united front on North Korea as they attempt to pressure the country to give up its nuclear and missile programs.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says President Donald Trump offered his full cooperation on an issue important to Japan -- the abductions of Japanese nationals by the North decades ago.

Abe said, "Japan and the United States will continue to cooperate closely, take advantage of every opportunity, and boldly take action so we can get a resolution to the abductions issue as soon as possible."

The Prime Minister stressed he wants to resolve the issue by meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. He said he'd do so without any conditions. But it's not clear what Kim thinks.

Trump has said he's not concerned about the North's recent firing of missiles, and said American policy against the country is "peace through strength."

The two leaders also spoke about trade talks that kicked off in April. Abe says he and Trump agreed to speed them up and want to reach an agreement as early as possible.

Trump says they hope to announce more on trade "very, very soon." But he made sure to highlight his chief complaint.

The US president said, "Our goal is to reduce our trade deficit with Japan, remove trade barriers and barriers of all kinds. So that US exports will really have a fair and very profound footing."

The key sticking points in the talks are cars and agricultural products.