Abe, Trump Talk About N.korea, Iran, Trade

Abe, Trump talk about N.Korea, Iran, trade

The leaders of Japan and the US are continuing talks on a number of pressing matters like North Korea. Afterwards, President Donald Trump is set to meet with the families of Japanese nationals abducted by the North decades ago.
They hope he can help bring their loved ones home.

Earlier, Prime Minister Abe and Trump highlighted the strength of their countries' alliance.

Abe said, "I certainly would like to make the state visit by the President and First Lady to Japan something befitting the new Reiwa era. I'm also determined to show to the people at home and abroad that the very strong bonds of the Japan-US alliance continue into the new era."

Trump said, "We understand each other very well, we're very committed to each other as nations. So we have a situation where we have the best relationship that we have ever had with Japan, and we're going to keep it that way."

On North Korea, talks between Washington and Pyongyang are stalled. But Trump said he feels he's making progress with Pyongyang and that the situation has improved since he took office.

The president's visit also comes at a time of growing tensions between the US and Iran. Japan maintains friendly ties with the country and Abe is considering a visit there soon.

Trump said he believes Iran would like to talk and he'd be open to the idea.

He also spoke about the US trade deficit with Japan and said they will discuss cars. He said he expects to make some sort of announcement in August.

Earlier, the US president became the first foreign head of state to meet Japan's Emperor Naruhito who took the throne at the start of the month.

In the evening, the Imperial couple will host a state banquet in honor of the Trumps.