Abe Visits Okayama Pref. Hit By Record Rainfall

Abe visits Okayama Pref. hit by record rainfall

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has visited the worst-hit areas in Okayama prefecture in the record rainfall that has battered the western region of Japan.

On his arrival at an Okayama airport, Abe observed the situations in the devastated areas in Kurashiki and Takahashi cities from a Self-Defense Force helicopter.

In Kurashiki, a river breached its banks and flooded a wide area. Takahashi was hit by mudslides.

The prime minister then visited an elementary school in Kurashiki, where more than 200 residents are evacuated.

He was consoling them, saying the government will do its utmost to help them rebuild their lives.

Abe cancelled a scheduled visit to Belgium, France, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which was to start on Wednesday, to deal with the disaster.