Abe Vows Financial Help For Disaster - Hit Areas

Abe vows financial help for disaster-hit areas

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has pledged financial assistance to help local authorities dispose of debris from the rain-triggered disasters in western Japan.

The government's emergency response taskforce met on Thursday morning for the 4th time.

Abe told the meeting that the government has secured 54,000 privately-owned housing units and 17,000 public housing units to accommodate people affected by the disasters.

Abe also said the cleanup operations in the affected areas are expected to generate huge volumes of debris. He said the government is sending assistance teams of Environment Ministry officials and experts to help local municipalities cope with the situation.

Abe said the government will extend financial assistance for removing the debris and rebuilding disposal facilities.

He instructed officials to respond promptly to the needs of the survivors. He said the government may also provide assistance for the transportation of debris by the Self-Defense Forces and the coordination of the disposal work by local authorities.