Abe Vows To Amend The Constitution

Abe vows to amend the Constitution

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has expressed a strong determination to carry out constitutional amendments.

Speaking to reporters after the extraordinary session of the Diet was adjourned on Monday, Abe acknowledged the road will be rocky, but he is determined to get it done himself.

Abe noted that Japan is full of vitality as it welcomed in the new Reiwa era on May 1. He said he will look beyond the future by tackling bold initiatives to shape a new country. He added constitutional reform will be ahead of that.

Abe said revising the Constitution is one of the founding principles of his ruling Liberal Democratic Party and parties have a responsibility to realize their election pledges.

When asked whether he may dissolve the Lower House, he said his mind is now set on implementing pledges he has made in the Upper House election held in July.

But Abe said he will not hesitate to dissolve the Lower House to hold a snap election should he need to seek a public mandate.