Additional Charges To Be Brought Against Ghosn

Additional charges to be brought against Ghosn

Sources say Nissan Motor paid about 5 million dollars to a dealership in Oman almost every year, even when its performance deteriorated.

Nissan has reportedly determined that the money was not used for sales promotion purposes, and has filed a criminal complaint against former chairman Carlos Ghosn.

Tokyo prosecutors are expected to bring additional charges of aggravated breach of trust against Ghosn on Monday.

Ghosn was arrested again earlier this month on suspicion of transferring some of the funds sent to the dealership in Oman to his own account, causing alleged losses of more than 5 million dollars for Nissan.

Sources say the payments were made from Nissan's CEO reserve fund, starting in 2012.

They say about 5 million dollars was paid almost every year, even when the dealership's performance deteriorated due to a sharp decline in crude oil prices.

Nissan employees are said to have testified to prosecutors that Ghosn decided the amounts that would be paid, and they were supposed to invent reasons later.

Sources say Nissan has filed a criminal complaint against Ghosn over the funds that were sent to the Oman dealership in the most recent two years.

Prosecutors plan to bring additional charges against him on Monday, when his detention period is due to expire.

Ghosn denies all the allegations.

His lawyers are expected to immediately seek bail for his early release if additional charges are brought against him.