Afghans In Japan Mourn Nakamura At Narita

Afghans in Japan mourn Nakamura at Narita

Afghans living in Japan gathered at Narita Airport near Tokyo to mourn a Japanese doctor and aid worker killed in their home country last week.

The wife and daughter of Tetsu Nakamura, as well as Japanese and Afghan officials, offered silent prayers in front of his coffin after it arrived at the airport on Sunday.

About 60 people, including many Afghans, also showed up at the airport's arrival lobby to pay respects to Nakamura. They held his photos and the flags of Japan and Afghanistan.

A 48-year-old Afghan organizer of the event addressed the participants, saying Nakamura saved many people and will stay alive in his heart.

A 30-year-old Afghan student living in Tokyo called the slain doctor a hero and said his heart ached when he learned about Nakamura's death. He said he will study hard just like Nakamura to improve living standards in Afghanistan.

A 42-year-old man who runs a firm in Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo, said he will remember the doctor as he strives to bring peace to his country.

Afghan Ambassador to Japan Bashir Mohabbat told NHK at the airport that the killing of Nakamura was regrettable and left him speechless. He said the doctor was a wonderful person who dedicated his life to Afghanistan, and apologized for the Afghan authorities' failure to protect him.

Nakamura died on Wednesday after being ambushed by a group of unidentified gunmen in Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan. For decades, he had worked in the war-torn country to provide humanitarian aid and help with reconstruction efforts.