African Reporters Visit Yokohama Ahead Of Ticad

African reporters visit Yokohama ahead of TICAD

Reporters working for African media outlets have visited Yokohama to deepen their understanding of Japan. The city will host the 7th session of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development, or TICAD, next August.

The journalists are from France and 10 African nations, such as Egypt and Ghana.

The group first went to an elementary school on Thursday and saw how the lunch system operates there.

Meals at many Japanese schools are usually prepared at their kitchens or other facilities. The reporters took photos and videos of how students on duty served dishes to the other pupils.

The journalists also ate lunch with the children and later watched how they cleaned their classrooms.

The reporters then traveled to a facility that sorts and recycles plastic bottles and other materials.

An Egyptian reporter said she thinks it great for children to do such everyday jobs as serving meals and cleaning. She said she wants to write articles about it.