Ai May Have Passed Japan's Preliminary Bar Exam

AI may have passed Japan's preliminary bar exam

A Japanese venture firm says its artificial intelligence program may have effectively passed the preliminary national bar exam that was held on Sunday.

The Tokyo-based firm Sight Visit says the AI program, named Miraimon, took part in an answer sheet exam, a test that applicants who have not yet graduated from law school are required to take to qualify for the main test.

Miraimon was reportedly fed relevant laws and past exam questions to determine which questions to prepare for. It succeeded in predicting - and successfully answering - 57 of the 95 questions, amounting to a success rate of 60 percent.

The firm says as the success rate on the preliminary test may stand between 59 and 60 percent, it is likely that its program may have passed the exam.
It says it also plans to begin selling the questions Miraimon has predicted, a move that is likely to cause ripples in legal circles.

The bar exam is said to be one of the most difficult national exams in Japan.

Firm president Masato Kito expressed the hope that test-takers will make use of artificial intelligence to pass the exam quickly, as it is merely a starting point.

He says their time would be better used polishing their skills after they qualify.

He added that meanwhile, he wants exam givers to explore new test questions.