Alert Level Raised For Volcano In Kagoshima

Alert level raised for volcano in Kagoshima

Japan's Meteorological Agency is warning of possible flying rocks and pyroclastic flows on Kuchinoerabu Island in southwestern Japan, as volcanic activity in the area has been rising.

The agency raised the volcanic alert level for the island in Kagoshima Prefecture from two to three on a scale of five early on Monday.

This comes one day after the area was hit by a major earthquake that originated near the crater of Mount Shindake on the island. Another major quake struck earlier this month.

Agency officials are urging people not to approach the mountain and to be on the alert for large flying rocks and pyroclastic flows within a 2-kilometer radius of the crater.

They are also warning of pyroclastic flows in an area between the Mukaehama district and southwest of Mount Shindake.

In 2015, a massive eruption occurred on Kuchinoerabu and some of the pyroclastic flows reached the coast. All residents temporarily left the island after the volcanic alert level was raised to five.