Anime Fans Gather At Kyoto Animation Memorial

Anime fans gather at Kyoto Animation memorial

Anime fans from Japan and abroad have gathered in Kyoto to say farewell to 36 employees of Kyoto Animation who died in an arson attack in July. The blaze left 33 other people injured.

The event was held on Sunday with the aim of mourning the anime creators and keeping their hopes alive.

Visitors offered prayers at a makeshift altar that was about 30 meters wide.

They each received a postcard from the studio with a message in Japanese and English. The message states, "We will continue to create animations for all over the world that help people have dreams, hope, and impress them."

A 25-year-old visitor from Kyoto said most visitors were in tears. She thanked Kyoto Animation and asked the company to continue what she called its amazing work.

A 20-year-old exchange student from China said Kyoto Animation's work inspired her to come to Kyoto. She said it is wonderful that the company gave fans a chance to mourn and thank the deceased. She said she wants to thank everyone at Kyoto Animation.

The event will continue through Monday.