Another Mistake In Aegis Ashore Site Survey

Another mistake in Aegis Ashore site survey

Japan's Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya has apologized for yet another mistake made in a survey to choose a possible deployment site for a US-made missile defense system.

His ministry selected a Self-Defense Force training area in Akita City, northeastern Japan, as one of the two candidate sites to deploy the land-based Aegis Ashore system in the country.

But the city's authorities and residents have been critical since the ministry admitted using incorrect topographical data in the selection process, and after a defense official dozed off during a local briefing.

The data involved elevation angles of mountains that could block Aegis Ashore's radar waves. Officials used Google Earth set to the wrong scale.

On Tuesday, Iwaya disclosed another mistake. He said officials made a three meter miscalculation in the elevation of a mountain at a different site.

Iwaya called it a small margin of error and said that it wouldn't affect the selection.

He said officials will carry out an additional field survey and correct documents, so they can explain in simple but specific terms why they chose the site in Akita City.