Aomori Nebuta Float Festival Begins

Aomori Nebuta float festival begins

One of Japan's most popular summer festivals began on Friday in the northern city of Aomori.

The annual Aomori Nebuta Festival features a procession of colorful floats called Nebuta that depict historic warriors.

Fifteen large floats are taking part in this year's procession along a 3-kilometer route through the city's center. Some of the floats are about five meters tall and 10 meters wide.

On the first day, the parade took place until 9 p.m. The lead float carried a banner commemorating the first Nebuta festival of the new Reiwa era, which began on May 1 when Emperor Naruhito ascended the throne.

Dancers called Haneto, dressed in colorful traditional costumes, jumped and shouted to the sounds of flutes and drums around the floats.

Visitors from across the country gathered along the procession route. They cheered and took pictures as the floats went passed.

The festival runs through Wednesday and is expected to attract about 2.8 million people.