April Foreign Visitors To Japan Hit Monthly Record

April foreign visitors to Japan hit monthly record

The number of foreign visitors to Japan hit a monthly record in April. But year-on-year growth was moderate.

The Japan National Tourism Organization estimates that more than 2.92 million travelers came to the country last month. That's up 0.9 percent from a year earlier.

The number of visitors from mainland China, which accounts for the largest share, increased 6.3 percent. The number from the United States rose 15.8 percent as this year's Easter holiday fell in April.

But there were 10 percent fewer travelers from both South Korea and Taiwan.

Tourism officials say the small overall increase can be attributed to Japan's 10-day holiday that started in late April.

They say many foreign visitors may have been unable to book air tickets because of the number of Japanese traveling overseas for the holiday. Some foreign visitors may have also avoided crowded tourist spots.

The head of the Japan Tourism Agency, Hiroshi Tabata, said on Tuesday that the 10-day holiday may also affect the tourism figures for May.

He said the government will analyze the reasons for changes in the numbers by region to further promote tourism in the country.