Arson Suspect Looked Over Anime Studio Beforehand

Arson suspect looked over anime studio beforehand

Police say the suspect in last week's deadly arson attack in Kyoto likely checked the site before purchasing the items he used in the attack.

Shinji Aoba is suspected of pouring gasoline inside Kyoto Animation's No.1 studio and setting it on fire on Thursday, killing 34 people and injuring 34 others. He is known to have bought gas canisters, a hammer and some other items at a home improvement center in the city of Uji the day before the attack.

Police say they have now confirmed that before going to Uji, Aoba visited areas around the animation studio and observed the building.

Investigators believe he carefully inspected the studio before setting off to buy items for the arson attack.

The suspect is believed to have used a handcart to bring the items to the crime site.

The 41-year-old suspect is currently hospitalized for severe burns. Police plan to arrest him on charges of arson and murder once his condition improves.