Artificial Snow Tested For 2020 Tokyo Games

Artificial snow tested for 2020 Tokyo Games

The committee organizing next year's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics has tested the use of artificial snow in spectator stands to beat the heat during the games.

The committee held the experiment at the Sea Forest Waterway test canoe meet venue on Friday.

For about 5 minutes, fine snow was sprayed from a machine over committee personnel in the partly covered stands.

They said they felt cooler. But some of the snow was blown away by wind and missed the targeted location, and snow that fell on the floor made it slippery.

The test also involved before-and-after comparisons of temperatures and heat stress indexes. The figures remained unchanged. The heat stress index, known as WBGT, is used for preventing heatstroke.

A committee official said artificial snow doesn't lower the temperature but makes people feel cool when it lands on them.

The official also said the committee will consider cost effectiveness in deciding whether to use artificial snow at the games.