Asanoyama To Use Tourney Win To Build Confidence

Asanoyama to use tourney win to build confidence

Sumo wrestler Asanoyama says he will try to use his first tournament win to build his confidence.

Asanoyama spoke to reporters at the Takasago stable in Tokyo on Monday, one day after winning the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament. The rank-and-file wrestler clinched the title with 12 wins and three losses.

US President Donald Trump, who is on a state visit to Japan, watched bouts on the final day of the tournament with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Trump presented Asanoyama with "The United States President's Cup."

Asanoyama said he feels very happy that he could maintain his own style throughout the tourney despite the pressure he felt.

The wrestler's ranking is expected to rise sharply in the next tournament in July.

Asanoyama said the July tournament will be different because he is expected to face Yokozuna Grand Champions and more Ozeki wrestlers. He said he will train hard to make up for his shortcomings.