Aum Leader's Daughter Wants To Strew Ashes In Sea

Aum leader's daughter wants to strew ashes in sea

A daughter of late Aum Shinrikyo cult leader Shoko Asahara, whose real name is Chizuo Matsumoto, reportedly wants to scatter his ashes in the sea.

Matsumoto was executed at the Tokyo Detention House last week.

Japan's Justice Ministry is considering handing his remains over to his fourth daughter, according to his wishes. The 29-year-old has reportedly cut ties with the cult.

The daughter's lawyer Taro Takimoto said at a news conference on Wednesday that she is willing to take her father's remains, and wants to have the bones powdered to scatter them from a ship on the Pacific Ocean.

Takimoto explained that because Matsumoto still has followers, burying his remains in the ground would make that place sacred for them, so it would be better to scatter them in the sea.

The lawyer revealed that he has asked the police and public safety officials to help fund the bones' disposal and to ensure his safety and that of the daughter. He said they're at risk of attack by followers who may try to take their guru's remains.

Takimoto also said he feels it unnecessary to consult Matsumoto's wife and his 4 other children, who are demanding the remains. He said this is because officials of the detention house told him that Matsumoto designated the fourth daughter to accept the remains.