Australians Release App About 'cowra Breakout'

Australians release app about 'Cowra breakout'

A group of Australians has released a smartphone app that recounts a deadly incident in southeastern Australia during World War Two.

On August 5, 1944, more than 1,100 Japanese prisoners of war attempted to escape from a POW camp in the town of Cowra.

The escape and ensuing manhunt left 231 prisoners dead. Some were shot to death by the Australian military while others died of other causes.

The app was presented in front of local people in Cowra on Saturday, two days before the 75th anniversary of the breakout.

The app is aimed at informing people about the incident and post-war efforts by Japan and Australia to reconcile.

Users can learn about places that have come to symbolize the relationship between Japan and Australia through photos and audio storytelling.

Among them is the site of the POW camp and a war cemetery where Japanese soldiers and other victims are buried.

The audio storytelling is based on memories of local people on the historical sites and the victims.

People who attended the presentation downloaded the app and learned how to use it.

Jacque Schultze, who was involved in developing the app, said she hopes it will help disseminate the story about peace and reconciliation between Japan and Australia as not many people know about it.