Battle Over Foreign Workers Bill Climaxes

Battle over foreign workers bill climaxes

Japan's ruling and opposition camps are jostling over a bill to allow more foreign workers into Japan as the end of the current Diet session nears.

The ruling coalition is aiming to get the bill through an Upper House committee before putting it to a vote at the chamber's plenary session for enactment on Friday.

The opposition on Thursday submitted a motion to dismiss the committee's chairman, Shinichi Yokoyama, in a bid to block the bill's passage. But the motion is likely to be voted down in Friday's plenary session.

The opposition is also considering submitting a censure motion against Justice Minister Takashi Yamashita.

On Thursday, the bill was deliberated at the Upper House committee with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in attendance. Abe called for support and promised to present the Diet with a fuller picture of a new program to accept more foreign workers prior to its enforcement, scheduled for April next year.

The current Diet session is set to end next Monday.