Bill To Tackle Dementia Introduced To Diet

Bill to tackle dementia introduced to Diet

Japan's ruling coalition parties have introduced in the Diet a bill to help delay the onset of dementia or detect the disorder early.

The Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito presented the bill on Thursday.

As the country's population ages rapidly, around one in five people aged 65 or older is expected to have dementia in 2025.

The proposed legislation calls on the central and local governments to strengthen measures to deal with dementia.

The bill calls for school education to deepen understanding of the disorder.

It also calls for programs to help people with dementia live with a sense of security, by such means as securing access to transportation.

To promote early detection, the parties are pushing for information sharing among medical and nursing care providers and administrative entities.

The legislation also calls for programs to help provide dementia patients aged below 65 job opportunities in accordance with their wishes and abilities. Such people are said to have early onset dementia.

The current Diet session ends next week. The coalition parties plan to call on opposition parties to join them in getting the bill passed at the next Diet session.