'blade Jumper' Demonstrates Skills At Para Event

'Blade Jumper' demonstrates skills at Para event

A German long jumper with a blade-type prosthetic leg has demonstrated his skills at an event to mark one year until the opening of the Tokyo Paralympics.

Markus Rehm and other top athletes took part in the event held by the organizers of the 2020 Games in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward on Sunday.

Rehm is known as the "Blade Jumper" and holds the world record in his category. He attempted to surpass the world record of 8.48 meters, and leapt 8.50 meters on his third try.

The figure did not count as an official record as electric fans were set up for the event to help athletes to jump longer. The spectators applauded his jumps, which could be equal to those by Olympians.