Body Of Slain Japanese Doctor To Leave Afghanistan

Body of slain Japanese doctor to leave Afghanistan

The body of a Japanese doctor and humanitarian worker who was shot to death in Afghanistan is to leave the country on Saturday, accompanied by his family.

Tetsu Nakamura was killed in an ambush by an unidentified armed group in Jalalabad, eastern Afghanistan, on Wednesday.

Nakamura's widow Naoko and daughter Akiko arrived in the Afghan capital of Kabul on Friday to claim his body.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani met them at the presidential office to convey his condolences. Ghani told them that it's the responsibility of Afghan authorities to identify and arrest the assailants.

Nakamura had spent years in Afghanistan offering humanitarian aid and helping with reconstruction projects, including the construction of irrigation canals.

In October, he became the first foreigner to be awarded honorary Afghan citizenship.

Afghan police believe the armed group targeted the prominent doctor to increase its profile inside and outside the country.

Nakamura's body is expected to arrive in Japan on Sunday.