Cabinet Approves New Reconstruction Plan

Cabinet approves new reconstruction plan

Japan's Cabinet has approved a new plan for the reconstruction of areas affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami as well as the Fukushima nuclear accident.

The Cabinet approved the policies on Friday. The current rebuilding plan is set to expire in March 2021.

The new plan states that the operation of the Reconstruction Agency will be extended by 10 years until 2031.

It also says reconstruction bureaus in Iwate and Miyagi prefectures will be relocated to coastal areas that have many disaster-related issues.

In the areas affected by the quake and tsunami, the plan says the government will focus on completing the remaining reconstruction projects in the five years to 2026.

It also says officials will consider how to carry out the projects that will not be completed within this period, such as mental care for people affected by the disaster and educational support for children. It says the government will take appropriate measures to implement these projects.

In the areas affected by the nuclear accident, the government will continue reconstruction projects in the 10 years to 2031. It plans to review them after five years.

The government plans to submit the necessary bills to the Diet next year.