Calls On Chiba Residents To Evacuate Early

Calls on Chiba residents to evacuate early

A large and violent typhoon is approaching mainland Japan, and volunteers are calling on residents in Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, to make an early evacuation. The area was hit hard by a powerful typhoon a month ago.

Typhoon Faxai damaged more than 34,000 homes in Chiba Prefecture and many residents are still forced to live in unrepaired houses even one month after the disaster.

In Mera District, Tateyama City, one of the disaster-hit areas, 50 people including volunteers and aid workers headed to the area on Wednesday and called for an early evacuation.

They visited each resident and informed the location of the closest shelter. They also notified that local authorities will prepare special bus services for the residents to the shelters.

A 73-year old woman whose house was damaged by the typhoon said she will definitely take shelter this time since she had to stay trembling overnight when Faxai made landfall.

The Meteorological Agency says Typhoon Hagibis with winds of nearly 200 kilometers an hour will head toward Japan's mainland this weekend.