Cancer Therapy Development Center To Open In Tokyo

Cancer therapy development center to open in Tokyo

A private hospital in Tokyo has set up a cancer therapy development center with the aim of quickly delivering new treatments to patients. The Cancer Institute Hospital has the largest number of cancer patients in Japan. The center will start operating next year.

The center will have an anti-cancer drug department, as well as one dedicated to immunotherapy, which helps the immune system fight cancer. It will also have a department for genomic cancer medicine, which uses genomic information to identify which drugs are most effective in treating a patient.

The center will have a staff of more than 30 doctors and researchers.

The hospital wants to speed up the development process by holding clinical trials at an early stage to check the safety and efficacy of candidate drugs and treatments.

This is a pioneering initiative by a private hospital.

Takeshi Sano, the head of the hospital, says the idea is to take advantage of what he called the "agility" of a private hospital and its staff's ability to make decisions quickly and deliver the latest cancer treatments to patients promptly.

Cancer causes more deaths than any other disease in Japan. New treatments are needed for the early stages of the disease, as late-stage cancer is often difficult to treat.