Capybaras Enjoy Hot Bath On Winter Solstice

Capybaras enjoy hot bath on winter solstice

Visitors to a zoo in the town of Nasu, north of Tokyo, have enjoyed watching capybaras bathe in a hot bath infused with aromatic yuzu citrus fruit.

Nasu Animal Kingdom created an outdoor bath and filled it with local hot spring water to allow the giant rodents, originally from the Amazon River in South America, to keep warm in the winter time.

Infusing a hot bath with yuzu citrus fruit is a winter solstice tradition among Japanese people, and zookeepers floated around 200 yuzu fruits in the outdoor bath on Sunday.

Visitors snapped photos of the rodents relaxing and enjoying extra treats of their favorite apples and pumpkins, which were also floating in the bath.

Children were invited to add more yuzu fruit to the bath.

A woman from Tokyo said it was heartwarming to watch the capybaras relaxing in the bath, and that she also wants to take a bath infused with yuzu fruit when she gets home.

The event will be held again on Monday.