Carlos Ghosn's Video Statement Released

Carlos Ghosn's video statement released

Carlos Ghosn's lawyers released a video of the former Nissan Chairman speaking to the public for the first time. It was filmed before his latest arrest. As he has in the past, he repeatedly proclaimed his innocence and didn't get into details of the charges.

In the roughly eight-minute video, Ghosn calls all the accusations against him biased, taken out of context and twisted to paint him as a greedy dictator.

He defends his management and says the allegations against him are a result of conspiracy and backstabbing.

Ghosn says that stemmed from fear that Nissan's autonomy would be threatened by its alliance with French carmaker Renault.
Ghosn's lawyers say they edited out his mention of specific names.

But he accuses them of poorly managing the company and not having a vision for the future.

Ghosn stresses his love for the company and Japan and finishes by saying his biggest hope is to have a fair trial so he can be "vindicated."