Carole Ghosn Questioned At Japanese Court

Carole Ghosn questioned at Japanese court

Japanese prosecutors have questioned the wife of former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn at a Tokyo court. They are believed to have asked her about an alleged flow of funds from Nissan.

Carole Ghosn was summoned to the Tokyo District Court on Thursday as a witness at the request of prosecutors.

Ghosn was accompanied by her husband's defense lawyers. She had returned to Japan the previous night from France, where she'd stayed since last weekend.

The inquiry follows a fourth arrest of her husband last week for alleged aggravated breach of trust. He's suspected of funneling Nissan funds sent to an Omani dealership to a shell company he effectively owns.
Sources say some of the funds allegedly went to a shell company headed by Carole Ghosn.

One of the lawyers said prosecutors questioned her for about three hours through an English interpreter. A judge and defense lawyers attended the closed session.

The lawyer said Ghosn answered the questions sincerely, without rejecting them. She's believed to have denied any involvement in alleged wrongdoing.

Prosecutors had asked her to meet them for voluntary questioning. After she refused, they asked the court to summon her for questioning with a judge.