Censure Motion Against Abe Voted Down

Censure motion against Abe voted down

The Upper House of Japan's national Diet rejected a censure motion against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe by a majority vote on Monday.

It was presented last week by the opposition parties, which said they cannot condone Abe's arrogant politics any longer.

The motion was defeated by the ruling coalition parties and Nippon Ishin, or the Japan Innovation Party.

Opposition senior officials are now looking to present a no-confidence motion against the Abe Cabinet.

It was proposed by the Constitutional Democratic Party at an executive meeting of five opposition parties on Monday.

The participants agreed to finalize the next step at a meeting of their party leaders on Tuesday.

Earlier, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the no-confidence motion could be a legitimate reason to dissolve the Lower House.

Some within the opposition are reluctant to submit the motion as it could trigger a snap election. Others say failing to do so could lead the public to think they fear the consequences.

If the motion is submitted, the ruling bloc is set to reject it in the Lower House on Tuesday. The current Diet session closes on Wednesday.