Ceremonies Due To Be Held

Ceremonies due to be held

The ceremony related to the Emperor's accession to the throne will continue until December.


Emperor Naruhito's enthronement ceremony is followed by the "Kyoen-no-gi," or court banquet, later on Tuesday. Three more feasts are to be held on October 25, 29 and 31.


An Imperial procession that had been scheduled for October 22 following the enthronement ceremony was rescheduled to November 10.

The government decided on the postponement in order to focus on recovery efforts in areas seriously affected by Typhoon Hagibis.


The ritual taking place from November 14 to 15 is the "Daijokyu-no-gi." This Imperial family event constitutes the main part of the "Daijosai," or the Great Thanksgiving Ceremony, which is held only once in the Emperor's reign, following his accession.

During the "Daijokyu-no-gi", Emperor Naruhito will make an offering of freshly harvested rice to give thanks and pray for peace and abundance throughout the country.

It's split into two parts, with the first starting on November 14, at 6:30 p.m. in the Yukiden. From 0:30 a.m. on November 15, it moves on to the Sukiden in a second portion of the same ceremony.

The "Daikyo-no-gi" is a series of grand banquets which will take place in the Imperial Palace on November 16 and 18, inviting guests who attend the "Daijokyu-no-gi."


After the "Daijosai" and other enthronement ceremonies and rituals are finished, the Emperor will report their completion on a series of trips.

First, the Emperor and the Empress will travel to Ise Shrine in Mie Prefecture on November 22 and 23.

Then, they will visit the mausoleum of Emperor Jinmu in Nara Prefecture and that of Emperor Komei in Kyoto Prefecture on November 27, followed by the mausoleum of Emperor Meiji in Kyoto on November 28.

On December 3, the couple will pay respects to the mausoleums of Emperor's grandfather, Emperor Showa, and great-grandfather, Emperor Taisho. Those mausoleums are in Hachioji City in Tokyo.


The final ritual relating to the Emperor's enthronement takes place on December 4, when he will report to the deities at the Imperial Palace sanctuaries.

The end of the ritual is marked by a traditional dance performance for the Imperial ancestors and deities.


On April 19 of next year, the Rikkoshi-no-rei, the ritual to proclaim that Crown Prince Akishino has become the first in line to the throne, will be held.