Challenges Remain After Power Restored In Chiba

Challenges remain after power restored in Chiba

Tokyo Electric Power Company says electricity has been almost completely restored throughout Chiba Prefecture more than two weeks after Typhoon Faxai caused widespread blackouts. But residents are still facing many challenges.

After TEPCO announced on its website on Tuesday evening that no households were still without power, some reported to the company that their electricity has not been restored due to damaged power lines.

TEPCO found that about 800 households in the prefecture were still without power as of Tuesday evening.

Residents of the city of Minamiboso are working to remove fallen trees, roof tiles and other debris from the typhoon.

Their cleanup activities in the Kawaguchi district of the town of Chikura were hampered by the blackouts that continued there until last week.

About 20 people including residents and volunteers took part in the cleanup on Wednesday. They used a dump truck to carry away fallen tiles and other debris, and a hydraulic shovel to remove downed trees.

The district head, Takeo Suzuki, said he is very grateful to the volunteers for their support, but also worried about how long they can stay.

He said officials and residents also need to discuss how to help people whose houses were severely damaged.