Chiba Govt. May Not Have Been Prepared For Faxai

Chiba govt. may not have been prepared for Faxai

The governor of Chiba Prefecture in eastern Japan says his government may not have been fully prepared to face Faxai, a powerful typhoon, and its aftermath.

The region was hit hard when the strong typhoon made landfall on Monday.

In a news conference on Thursday, Governor Kensaku Morita firstly said the Chiba government will do all it can to help residents in the affected areas to return to normal life as soon as possible.

He added that the prefectural government has sent out relief supplies, such as plastic sheets, water and food, to local municipalities that have called for help.

Then, a reporter asked him if the prefecture may have been slow in determining the full extent of damage across the prefecture, and in finding out what assistance is needed in affected areas.

Morita replied that the typhoon was much stronger than expected and the prefecture must learn a major lesson from the challenges it faced this time.

After a reporter noted that power blackouts caused some towns difficulties in gathering information about their damage, he said the prefecture will examine what it should do in future to prevent such a communication failure.

The governor also said he plans to hold talks with officials from Narita International Airport to prevent the chaos at terminals due to cancellations of bus and rail services in the countdown to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.