Chiemi Hori Reveals Advanced - Stage Oral Cancer

Chiemi Hori reveals advanced-stage oral cancer

Japanese TV personality Chiemi Hori has revealed she has been diagnosed with the most advanced-stage oral cancer, and will soon undergo surgery.

The 52-year-old former pop idol made the announcement on her blog on Tuesday.

Hori says she started getting small sores on her tongue around last summer, and that they would not heal. She says since the beginning of this year, she has been having trouble speaking, and waking up at night because of the pain.

She went to the hospital for tests, and was diagnosed with stage-four tongue cancer. She says it has spread to the lymph nodes in her neck, and described her condition as very difficult.

Hori is to be hospitalized on Tuesday and undergo surgery on Friday to remove a tumor.

She says she must live on for her family, and that she has decided to take on a long, grueling battle.

Hori says she wants to move ahead with a positive mindset. She vowed to fight to the best of her ability and come back to sing again in front of her fans.

Hori made her debut as a singer in 1982. She has also acted in TV dramas.