Chikuma River Bank Gets Temporary Dike

Chikuma River bank gets temporary dike

A temporary dike has been built on the bank of the Chikuma River in central Japan to patch serious damage caused by Typhoon Hagibis.

The river flooded an area of about 950 hectares, or 9.5 square kilometers, in Nagano Prefecture last weekend after the storm caused the riverbank to burst.

Two people were killed in the area. Many others were rescued after their homes were flooded.

Officials say repair work on the riverbank began on Sunday and finished before midnight on Thursday.

The temporary dike is designed to stop water from flowing out and preventing the breach from widening.

Officials say a team of experts will analyze the cause of the breach and consider how to build a lasting structure.

Local river authorities say that because the strength of the temporary dike is insufficient, they will lower the benchmark water level for issuing flood alerts by 2.8 meters.