Child Abuse, Domestic Violence Increasing In Japan

Child abuse, domestic violence increasing in Japan

Japan's Justice Ministry says reported crime is decreasing, but child abuse and domestic violence are on the rise.

The ministry's white paper on crime says the police dealt with about 817,000 criminal offences in 2018, the lowest figure since World War Two. The number has fallen for 16 years in a row after hitting a peak in 2002.

Cases of theft account for 70 to 80 percent of the total, and have declined significantly.

But the number of arrests for child abuse rose to about 6.5 times the number in 2003. Arrests for domestic violence increased to about 12 times the figure for 1989.

The ministry stresses the importance of tackling drug and alcohol addiction in another white paper on how to reduce the number of repeat offenders.

The report says addicts face difficulties because of their surrounding environment and mental problems. It says the relevant public and private organizations need to offer such people long-term support.