Children Try To Help Foreign Tourists In English

Children try to help foreign tourists in English

Elementary and junior high school students in Japan's northern prefecture of Miyagi have practiced helping foreign tourists visiting a popular cherry blossom viewing spot.

About 250,000 people visit the Hitome Senbon-zakura area every year, where there are many cherry trees along the Shiroishi riverside. More and more foreign tourists are visiting the cherry blossom spot from Thailand, Hong Kong and other countries.

Thirty-eight children, learning English as an extracurricular activity, talked to international visitors at 6 locations, including the train station and the Funaoka Castle Ruin Park.

They handed out English and Chinese information pamphlets, and offered the tourists to take their photos.

A 6th grader said she is learning English but could not understand what they were saying.

She says she wants to be nice to overseas visitors and wants them to see the beautiful cherry blossoms.